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Recycling Used Reeds

September 7th, 2011

Allow old reeds to dry out completely on a few sheets of newspaper. When they are completely dry, you can use them to pleasantly scent musty basements, garages, garbage bins, etc.

You can also use them to add subtle fragrance in linen chests, drawers, closets and more. Make sure they are indeed completely dry though as oil can damage delicate surfaces, clothing, linens, etc.

Contest On Mom Blog !

May 30th, 2011

The Diffusery is giving away several sets of reeds diffusers at Mom Blog ! We will be giving away 1 reed diffuser set to three different winners !

Lavender-A classic scent, this smells just like fresh lavender. Smooth and slightly on the herbal side.

Rainstorm- A beautiful fresh rain scent ! Imagine how the air smells after a summer rainstorm. Fresh air, dew and subtle notes of florals make this a winner !

Grapefruit Vanilla- This is a fabulous combination. The warm, rich vanilla softens the fresh citrusy smell of the grapefruit.

To enter, visit: Mom Blog Contest ends 6/7.


Use Scent to Take a Mini Vacation

April 19th, 2011

When you need a vacation but don’t have two weeks or the necessary finances to fund a trip, try setting aside some time to relax with your favorite scents. Scents can make you think of different times and places, and you can go there deliberately. Spending a few hours in a vacation-inspired atmosphere can leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Get Away in the Wilderness

Do you enjoy the crisp mountain air or the fresh, clean scent of the air after a rainstorm? Get out of the office, put some Mountain Air or Rainstorm reed diffuser oil in your diffuser and let these scents take you outside. Spend a few minutes enjoying the scent by relaxing in a room with a view, lounging on an enclosed patio or watching the National Geographic channel to experience a mini wilderness getaway in your own home..


Get Energized in the Garden

The scent of Garden Mint or Cucumber Mint allows you to power up as you relax with the cool, crisp smells of the garden and the stimulating properties of mint. For a special treat, make yourself a mojito, slip some minty reeds into your diffuser and let the scent of a summer garden envelope you as you enjoy your beverage.


Go to the Beach

Escape from a dull and grey winter day into an exotic locale with the help of a tropical or beach scent. Although the scent of Caribbean Coconut or Pacific Coast might at first seem out of touch with your surroundings, try adding other sensory experiences to help take you away. Watch a movie filmed in an exotic location as you drift away with Caribbean Coconut, or close your eyes and listen to the pounding surf on a CD of ocean sounds as you take in the smell of the shore with Pacific Coast.


Escape Into Romance or the Old West

Slip some reeds into your diffuser as you hunker down with a good book and let scent help you escape into another world. Try selecting the scent according to genre. For example, the romantic smell of Fresh Cut Roses or Jasmine Vanilla perfectly complements romance novel reading, whereas the warm tones of Sunset can accompany you on a ride into the typical sunset of a western.


Take a little time to breathe deep, enjoy the little things and step out of everyday reality. When you need a break but can’t take a vacation, let scent take you on a mini vacation that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Using Scent to Create a Suitable Atmosphere

March 26th, 2011

You can create an atmosphere that perfectly suits your business or home by using the right scent in your reed diffuser. Depending on your purposes and preferences, scents can be selected to match a season, décor, personality or mood.

For a business or office, avoid imposing too much of your personal taste but select a scent that is likely to please everyone. Choosing a scent that matches the season can be an especially useful strategy for public places. For example, a Pumpkin Spice scent in the Fall with its combination of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg will remind you and your colleagues of being served up a slice of fresh pumpkin pie. Fresh Springtime scents such as Rainstorm or Grapefruit Vanilla bring about a certain feeling of freshness and renewal for the new season.

If you appreciate the look of a certain decor, you can keep to the visual theme with scents that match. Have a pink room? Select a Strawberry Jam scent and breathe deep to appreciate the power of pink on another level.

When choosing a scent for your home, spoil yourself by selecting scents based on your personality or mood. A daring personality can appreciate bold fragrances like Zesty Lime. The scent of Fresh Cut Roses appeals to the feminine and flirty. White Tea with Ginger is an appropriate choice for the calm personality with a hint of sass. With reed diffuser scents, you can match a mood much as you can match a personality — or you can create a mood. Want some romance? Jasmine and Vanilla could inspire some. How about a great night’s sleep? Lavender and Vanilla are known to bring relaxation.

Whatever your environment, style, or mood, you can enhance select qualities by selecting the right scents. Try a new scent for your reed diffuser and let it work its magic on the atmosphere in your business or home.


Dawn Turner, currently residing in a small town in central Wisconsin is the proud mom of two teenagers. She is an expert in fragrance diffusion and owns The diffusery sells quality reed diffusers and supplies. Dawn, a self professed scent junkie, loves to travel with her husband, listen to music and take long bubble baths.


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March 19th, 2011

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More Reed Diffuser FAQ

January 23rd, 2011

Where should I position my new reed diffuser?

Positioning your reed diffuser near a source of airflow, such as a vent or a window, will help the fragrance spread faster throughout the room. The downside is that this will also decrease the life span of your reed diffuser as oil dissipates at a faster rate. Try placing your reed diffuser away from air conditioning or vents first and see if the scent is sufficient for your own personal tastes.


My reed diffuser doesn’t smell as strongly as it used to even though there’s still plenty of oil in the bottle. What can I do?

Try flipping the reeds whenever you’d like a stronger fragrance. This simple repositioning will help to kick-start the diffusion process. Don’t flip too often, however – the more often you flip your reeds the faster the oil will dissipate. Also- giving the bottle a gentle “swish” or two can help to blend the ingredients of the oil and strengthen the scent.

Sometimes the reeds are completely saturated with oil and over time, they can become clogged. If you still have oil in the bottle and flipping the reeds doesn’t seem to help, consider replacing your reeds.


My reed diffuser is too strong. Is there anything I can do?

If you find that the fragrance emitted by your reed diffuser is too strong, simply remove some of the reeds. The less reeds you have in the bottle the slower the oil will dissipate throughout the room and the less potent it will be. As the formula is designed for optimal wicking action, we do not recommend adding anything to the oil itself.

Reed Length

September 22nd, 2010

Many people ask us about the length of  their reed diffuser reeds. Can they make them shorter ? Can they cut them ?  Will it affect the wicking process ?

Yes ! You can cut reeds to any length you’d like. Just use a sharp scissors and snip to the desired length. If the ends of the reed become a little crimped (often caused by using scissors that need to be sharpened) then just roll the end of the reeds between your fingers and they will regain their shape.

Cutting your reeds will not affect the wicking process or the diffusion of the oils. After all, the reeds you buy from ANY retail source have been cut from long lengths of reed to begin with.

Be sure to cut your reeds BEFORE you place them in any oil. If they have already been placed in oil, don’t cut them as the oil can get on your delicate surfaces and damage them.  Also, those with sensitive skin may experience a little redness if the oil gets on their skin.



Reed Diffusers: A Safe Alternative to Candles

July 28th, 2010

      While candles often have very pleasant scents, they also bring some unwelcome additions to your home: open flame, smoke, and soot. They are easy to spill, and can leave burn marks on walls or ceilings or wax residue on furniture. If you are interested in adding pleasant fragrances to your home or to other spaces, you may have heard about reed diffusers as an alternative to scented candles. A reed diffuser draws scented oils from a vase into long, attractive reed sticks that release the scent into the air slowly. The scented oil evaporates slowly, making reed diffusers cost effective, but the aromatic scent of the oil is strong enough to fill the room.

    Because reed diffusers require no heat, they are safe to use around children and pets. Unlike scented candles which cannot be left unattended, you can feel confident in adding reed diffusers to any room in your house at any time. Even wickless candles, which melt wax over a light bulb, still generate a significant amount of heat in order to transmit the fragrance into the air, which can cause a fire hazard and leave marks on tables. Reed diffusers offer a worry-free solution to add fragrance without these risks.

     Reed diffusers are also a compelling choice for aesthetic reasons. As scented candles burn, they can become misshapen and unslightly. Even candles in glass jars will often have wax drips and sooty marks that are not pleasing to the eye. A reed diffuser maintains the same attractive appearance whether it is new or has been in use for weeks. Reed diffuser bottles and vases are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs that can fit your home decor or even serve as a centerpiece on your table.

      Because just a few ounces of oil can last for months of continuous use, reed diffusers are popular among people who enjoy long-lasting scents. Scented oils for diffusers are available in a wide variety of fragrances, and the same diffuser base can be used again and again.



Dawn Turner, currently residing in a small town in central Wisconsin is the proud mom of two teenagers. She is an expert in fragrance diffusion and owns The diffusery sells quality reed diffusers and supplies. Dawn, a self professed scent junkie, loves to travel with her husband, listen to music and take long bubble baths.


Please feel free to reprint this article with By Line and author profile in tact and all links live and clickable. Copyright is reserved by author.

Environmentally Friendly Reed Diffusers

May 28th, 2010

Our reed diffusers are environmentally friendly. Reed diffusers, unlike candles, emanate no soot. Also, our reed diffusers are made in the USA without DPG, alcohol or other harsh chemical surfactants. Use caution when purchasing imported oils. Oils from some other countries (China for example) are not federally regulated.

Changing Scents

May 4th, 2010

I often get asked how to clean glass bottles for reuse when you want to change scents.  Here is what you do…

First- discard any remaining oil that maybe inside the bottle. If there is lots of oil left, you may want to save it. Store it in a sealed glass container in a dark cupboard or cabinet for use again later. 

Once the oil is out of the bottle, swish warm, soapy water inside it, then rinse.  Repeat a few times as necessary.

To get a really “deep” clean, add some rock salt with the warm, soapy water and gently shake the bottle. The salt crystals draw out and absorb the fragrance oil.  Then rinse out.

Allow the bottle to air dry before adding your new scent.

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