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Thursday, April 15th, 2010



The Diffusery has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens May Gift Guide ! Check out page 99 of the May 2010 issue under “Gifts For Grads” to see our green ball glass reed diffuser bottle and reed diffuser reeds.


We were so happy when we received word that we would be featured.  Our first feature in a national magazine !

We were very excited and went out very early to get the new issue that went on sale today. Only our grocery store still had the April issue out. Darn. My mom searched a few stores in Milwaukee. They all had the April issue out still.

We went to Madison to buy our son some birthday presents. We went to Barnes & Noble at the mall in Madison and they also only had the April issue out.   What the heck ? Next we tried Wal-mart. No such luck. So we decided to give up and try again tomorrow. But……

My husband had to run to the grocery store this evening to get some soda. Guess what ???? There she sat in all her glory…the MAY 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens !

When he brought it home you would think we just won the lottery.  We turned the pages one by one in great anticipation. Finally we spotted it ! Page 99…right on top (#1 in fact !) was our mention.

The photo features our green glass bottle and a set of reeds in a Tiffany blue box.  The description below tells readers our website address and pricing on some of the items from our site. The description also says, “A sweet smelling and customizable substitute for dorm-room banned candles.”

Many a hi-five was exchanged and tonight I go to bed feeling like a celebrity. Sort of. :)

Thank you Better Homes and Gardens for the feature.

What’s New ? 12/1/09

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I am thrilled that the blog is finally finished. It went up moments ago and I already had to come and post and try it out !

I am thrilled that the new design of the website as a whole is finally finished ! I had been working on that for a long , long time it seems. Entering all the products was the most tedious, but I did have some help from a great virtual assistant that helps me on lots of projects. (Thanks Pamela !)

As you can see, I decided to offer some new products on The Diffusery. I have added Aroma Buds (scented wooden roses), scented sachet envelopes and fragrance oils. So many of you asked if you could buy our fragrance oils for other projects you were doing and we were happy to oblige.

Soon we will be adding sample vials to our website. Sample vials will contain a small amount of fragrance oil for you to test and sample before investing in our reed diffuser oils or buying larger fragrance oils. We do currently offer scented sample discs, but many of you wanted to grab a small amount in a liquid form to test for your own projects. I must warn you though- our scents are very addicting !

I have a few new articles that I will be adding to the website. We are deep into our busy holiday season already, so I will add them one at a time as I have a chance.

Speaking of holidays- we have brought on additonal staff to help process holiday orders quickly. Currently, we are running without delay- but try to order as early as possible so that everything arrives before you need it.  If you run into a “I need this fast !” type of situation, please contact me and I will let you know what options you have available as far as expedited shipping, rush processing, etc.

Until next time……

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