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Reed Length

Many people ask us about the length of  their reed diffuser reeds. Can they make them shorter ? Can they cut them ?  Will it affect the wicking process ?

Yes ! You can cut reeds to any length you’d like. Just use a sharp scissors and snip to the desired length. If the ends of the reed become a little crimped (often caused by using scissors that need to be sharpened) then just roll the end of the reeds between your fingers and they will regain their shape.

Cutting your reeds will not affect the wicking process or the diffusion of the oils. After all, the reeds you buy from ANY retail source have been cut from long lengths of reed to begin with.

Be sure to cut your reeds BEFORE you place them in any oil. If they have already been placed in oil, don’t cut them as the oil can get on your delicate surfaces and damage them.  Also, those with sensitive skin may experience a little redness if the oil gets on their skin.



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